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Cherry pit neck cushion

Dimensions: 13x55cm

Cervical cushion cherry pits

  • A Swiss tradition The real "Cherry" * In the past, cherry stones were cleaned, dried and sealed in small bags. These were placed on the stove during the day so that the family could then enjoy the exquisite heat throughout the evening.
  • Inatura has breathed new life into this almost forgotten tradition that a Swiss grandmother was kind enough to bring back to us. Of Swiss origin, Cherry is distributed in France and its success benefits from tremendous word of mouth. Discover how good the warmth of Cherry is to relieve back pain, neck pain, and warm cold feet. Cherry restores natural heat.
  • The Cherry, a cushion made of cherry stones, is the new 100% natural and ecological hot water bottle that everyone wants to have at home. Appreciated by professionals from the medical field, Cherry is used by:
  • Moms who love warming baby's crib with Cherry. Women appreciate it for its ease of use and its excellent heat restitution.
  • Beauty salons use it for body, facial and foot care.
  • Physiotherapists for localized heat applications; it constitutes a popular alternative to paraffin and hotpack.
  • Easy to use: A few minutes in the microwave or in a traditional oven, the Cherry is ready to warm you up or soothe you.
  • A few hours in the freezer, the Cherry becomes a cold pack for the required local applications.
  • In addition, it is machine washable. *Beware of imitations, Chérry is a registered brand guaranteeing quality and safety.

  • Dimensions: 13x55 cm
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