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LBS Médical is a French company created in 1993 specializing in the sale of childcare, medical and well-being equipment. It offers a varied range of products to meet the needs of its customers in terms of health and comfort.


Baby Thermometer

I love this product! Me who let my husband take the little ones' temperature, I can finally take it from them whenever I want. No need to undress baby, or even wake him up. It even becomes a game to take one's temperature, whereas before it was a painful moment.

Sabrina A.

Good balance

I was lent this scale to monitor the weight of my breastfed baby and I am really delighted with it. Very easy to use and reliable. The scale also records the last weighing. Very practical carrying case.

Gaëlle B.


I love this product, it allows me to monitor the weight of my daughter who is breastfeeding... Even her big brother loves to play music for her when we weigh in

Jessica B.

Great camera does the job well

Works really well, I'm really delighted with it, only positive things, I highly recommend this baby monitor 100%

Emilie L.

Value for money

Great value for money. Not excessive and super practical. Night vision for nights. You can soothe him without getting out of bed, good inclination. Gives the time and room temperature. Switches to night vision alone. Super practical. Easy to take with you everywhere

Marie Laure K.

30 years of experience at your service!